Now in our fifth year here in Clinton The REAL Mentors Program has provided a place for middle school students to share together, engage in activities together, and learn about one another. The boys’ program is entering its sixth year and the girl’s program got its start in November of 2021. We have been fortunate to have dedicated men and women from the community who care to get involved with the mentor program.

Recently, we started working on a new phase of community outreach by contacting and inviting community service and business leaders to share their experiences, their outlook, and their stories with the students in our mentoring program. This presents an excellent opportunity for these students to hear from and interact with the people who make our community great.

Through the outreach program, our kids will get to see how a community functions. They will see they have an important part to play in their community’s future.  We are super excited to have have these leaders engage with our young students and together, in the years to come, we will build a stronger community.

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