Our boys

Picture a young man walking into a room with his head down, making no eye contact, signs that he is upset, angry, frustrated, that something troubling is going on in his life. Watch and listen to this young man, and over time, sometimes months or a few years, and changes are revealed. He comes in and engages with someone, his head is up, sometimes he smiles, and he talks more and more with each encounter. He talks about struggles, anger, frustration, and hardship. When he leaves, his body language is better, more relaxed. Hope, energy and deeper self-esteem has begun to present and his connection with other boys and MENtors who are there listening has created a simple but secret sauce of good will and life’s possibilities. 

This is the simple “Before” and “After” visual that I have witnessed, a change that can influence so many brighter futures, so simply. 

We have provided services to 60 boys over the last few years.

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