Who We Are

Fathering Fathers is a non-profit organization founded by Michael Sanford in 2010 and was joined by School Psychologist Jake Milano. Our organization provides after-school programs for middle school boys and girls. These programs are designed to furnish resources to help them to navigate and thrive as they grow into adulthood. While initially our focus was centered on building stronger relationships between fathers and their sons, we saw an urgent need to expand our scope.

Today, our mission is to provide support to both boys and girls as they travel along the path of self-discovery. We accomplish this through our REAL Mentors Program. Our mentors, men and women trained in the REAL Method, meet weekly with the boys and girls who opt into the program. There, all are able to safely share their collective wisdom… their life experiences, their victories, and their failures… without judgment.

Presently, Fathering Fathers offers the REAL Mentors Program to middle schools throughout the Metro West and Central Massachusetts school districts.

Our commitment is to endow girls and boys with positive life tools that will serve them as they mature. Through the mentoring program, we help them discover their identity and their inner greatness so they can build upon that foundation. Young girls and boys who develop a strong sense of self and a healthy tolerance and acceptance of others, will be better equipped to succeed in life.

Our fervent hope that the young men and women who participate in the REAL Mentors Program go on to father, mother, and mentor the next generation.

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