Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the name Fathering Fathers come from?

Although the primary focus of Fathering Fathers is now enrolling middle school boys and girls into the REAL Mentors Program, this organization originally focused on fostering healthy and productive relationships between fathers and their sons in order to raise up the next generation of great fathers.

How can I join a REAL Mentors Program?

If your school already has an active REAL Mentors Program, you can join by reaching out to the program coordinator at your school. Their contact information can be found under the “REAL Mentors Program” tab, in the “School Programs” section, here.

My school does not have a REAL Mentors Program. How can I get involved?

Currently there are REAL Mentors Programs at Clinton Middle School and Tahanto Regional Middle/High School. Fathering Fathers is growing each year. We welcome any school receptive to adopting or interested in learning more about the program.

To start the process of implementing a REAL Mentors Program at your school, contact either Michael Sanford or Jake Milano.

Can I be a mentor?

Yes, you can. Any man or woman can be a mentor. Today, more than ever, our young boys and girls need men and women who are willing to step up, actively engage, and offer a hand up to the next generation.

All new mentors are required to pass a CORI background check as a resident of Massachusetts. If you are interested in learning more about being a mentor, please contact Mike Sanford or Jake Milano.


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