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There are many ways you can join with us to make a lasting difference in a young boy or girls’ life.

We are a local organization. We work directly with the local schools and communities in Central Mass. Establishing connections within each community is key component to our program’s success.

When we begin a mentor program with a school, we reach out to the local community for support. This includes teachers, parents, community organizations, police and fire departments, and community leaders. We build relationships with members of the community, so our young men and women can benefit from their support, knowledge, tradesmanship, and life experiences.

The students in The REAL Mentor Program visit and support local organizations within their community. They visit museums, police and fire departments, and even on occasion serve food at the local food pantries. By having the opportunity to interact with people, businesses, and institutions in their community, they are more likely to gain a real sense of community connection.

Consider joining us as a community partner. Then join us in a REAL Mentor meeting and share your story. The boys and girls will benefit from what you have to share. Talk about who you are, what you’re doing, and how you got to where you are in your life and profession. Your experience, your ups, and even your downs, will serve as real life examples to the boys and girls in the program.

We encourage you to… JUST SAY YES. Come partner with us and share in our passion for raising up the next generation.

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