REAL Connection  ~ Girls

This program provides young women, as they transition into adulthood, a venue for open, honest, and frank discussions. It models the boy’s program. Lead mentor, Mary-Sarah Loosemore, heads up the program with the support of women volunteers from the local community. Presently, meetings are held once a week, after school, on Tuesdays from 2:15 to 4:15. We anticipate adding additional meeting dates as student interest grows.

The aim of the program is to help each young woman to appreciate their individual selves, their self worth, and the potential each has within them to grow, develop, and thrive. We make a connection with each you woman in our program; they are seen, heard, and valued. And it is through this connection that they derive sustenance and strength. We acknowledge the individual qualities, talents, and interests that make each young woman unique, and how it serves to encourage and empower them to become their greater self.

These are just some of the topics the REAL Mentors Girls’ program focuses on:

Healthy Boundaries
Safety and Self-defense
Managing Stress
Social Anxiety and Managing Anxiety
Self Care
Time Management
Conflict Resolution
Being ‘Too Nice’ and the Ramifications Lacking Assertiveness

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