REAL Mentors

I’ll start by describing the vision I see in my head and have for a long time. It starts by extending trust. The trust I am talking about is the belief that every stone we cast creates a ripple in the pond. And those ripples touch the lives of men and boys alike. So they will cast their stone and create more ripples. It won’t take long before these ripples will be felt all over the world. These ripples are so profound and freeing that they will bridge the divide of geography, race, religion, generation and class. The ripples are the connection we create through our mentor program. The ripples are the tools we teach and the space we hold for all our boys and mentors to contribute, to make a difference, to change the world.

What we give the boys today is a gift they will give their sons and daughters tomorrow. I trust this because I have personally experienced it with my own son and daughter. The foundation has been laid for my son and his son’s.

As we spread the news and recruit more schools, mentors and boys the pond will become a lake and then an ocean. I look at the world we live in, the world we have created and I know we as a race, the human race, can do better. We can do more. Our boys are born perfect. They are a perfect image of what is possible. They are after all created in the image of God. All thy need is a little help along the way to help them see their perfection, help them remember their greatness. Help them to know they are not alone. We can do that and in return we the men that have gone before them will discover our greatness, our perfection and realize we are not alone. It is all perfectly balanced, it is all blessed.

So Let’s cast our stones and watch the ripples.

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