REAL MENtors, was started in May of 2011 at Tahanto Regional Middle/High School in Boylston Massachusetts. Jake Milano, a School Psychologist, with the assistance of Mike Sanford and staff from Boys To Men New England set up the program. Milano had worked at the school for 25 years, counseling many young men and women. What he learned from his counseling experience suggested that many young men who struggled academically, socially or emotionally benefited from the listening, caring and direction he provided. It wasn’t traditional school counseling or intensive therapy that most boys needed, he discovered, but rather a significant male role model at a time in their lives when they were struggling to separate from their parents and establish their own identity. This significant male role model could be an uncle, coach, teacher or any male willing to make a connection with the young man.

We chose to call ourselves REAL MENtors because what we learned is that we are all mentors when we sit together in our group, we all learn from each other. There is something for me to learn from that boy in the 7th grade just as there is something for him to learn from me.

REAL is an acronym which stands for the values we hold and what we do:

Respect and Responsibility




Since its inception, RMP has served over 50 youth and is currently expanding its scope of services to include other schools in Central Massachusetts. In January of 2017 FFI started a mentor program at Clinton (MA) Middle School.

Fathering Fathers Inc. (FFI) is committed to sharing the experience and success of this program with other school systems in Central Massachusetts. If you are interested in starting a REAL MENtors program at your school contact Jake or Mike. (click on contact at the top of this page)

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