We partner with Middle Schools to provide an after-school mentoring program for select students. It is our deep belief that while all students can benefit from the REAL Connection we provide through The REAL Mentors Program… some students find themselves in more need than others. Our program focuses on those students in the Middle School environment who struggle socially, emotionally, and behaviorally.

Learning how to relate to their peers and the adults in their lives at a time when they may be distancing themselves from their parents and establishing their own identity, can create a sense of disconnection. If they push their parents away, they may not have a significant role model to turn to.

Our program serves as a resource of men and women mentors dedicated to creating the safe, judgment-free environment for these students to be seen, heard, and valued, so they can begin to see and accept their inner greatness.

We work closely with schools, administration, teachers, parents, and the local community to coordinate and implement the program. Let’s connect and work together to devise a plan that works for your school, your community, and, most of all, your students.

Like to get started? Contact Jake Milano or Mike Sanford for more information. We would be pleased to talk with you.


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